What to Expect at a Hearing Test

We provide comprehensive, painless, and noninvasive hearing tests. The entire procedure usually lasts no longer than one hour. With the test results our audiologists will provide you with the best solution for your listening needs.

Preparing for Your Hearing Test

Be prepared to give your audiologist information about your personal medical history, as well as your family’s. Also, if you are on any medication, or if you’ve had a cold in the days prior to the hearing test, be sure to remember to tell your audiologist.



When you first arrive, you will have a conversation with your audiologist about your personal and family medical history. During this time, you will let us know if you’ve been on any medications or if you’ve had a cold or sinus issues in the past few days. If you have been exposed to loud noises recently, you will also want to relay this information. In some cases, these factors may interfere with accurate results for the test.

Otoscopic Exam

Your audiologist will utilize an otoscope to examine your ear canal and ear drum. They will be checking for any blockage in this area, perhaps from impacted earwax, as well as any damage to the eardrum, such as perforation.

Hearing Assessments

Pure Tone Audiometry

You will sit in a soundproof room while your audiologist plays a series of tones through your headphones. Each ear will be tested separately. When you hear a sound, you will be asked to raise your hand or push a button.

Speech Recognition Test

During this portion, you will hear a series of words and you will be asked to repeat them. Again, you will be tested one ear at a time.

Reviewing Your Audiogram


The results of your hearing test are recorded on an audiogram, a visual representation of your hearing abilities. Each ear’s ability will be graphed separately, in terms of decibel and frequency levels. The result for speech recognition is usually recorded as a percentage. There are two possible results for an audiogram: normal or experiencing hearing loss.

Recommendations & Next Steps

After the hearing test, your audiologist will go through your audiogram results with you and offer you a series of treatment options available to you. We focus on finding hearing aids that best fit your lifestyle and needs, as well as your budget. As an independently-owned practice, we are able to select the best devices for your needs.

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